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DPF Cleaning and Problems you may face

Most DPF, CRT(R) Filter Manufactures recommend that you have your Filter cleaned / Serviced at least once a year, perhaps more dependant on your vehicle's duty cycle. If you have a service contract with the filter manufacturer it is possible that they are only interested in selling you a new product rather than Cleaning your current DPF. I wonder how many of you have experienced this problem?

Why have your DPF CRT(R) Cleaned?

It is vital to have your DPF Cleaned as recommended, however here at DPF Clean Emissions we are only interested in cleaning and not replacements, so we will give you a better return rate than your current supplier if that is a manufacturer.

If I don't have a DPF CRT(R) Cleaned?

Failing to have a DPF Cleaned can result in excessive back pressure in your exhaust system which in turn can induce the following symptoms and further expense to you.

  • Blocked DPF Higher Fuel Costs
  • DPF Breakdown New DPF Required
  • Damaged / Blown Turbo New Turbo & DPF Cleaned
  • Cylinder Head Damage Major Engine work or new engine

We know from experience that Hauliers, Bus and Coach companies face an uphill battle with maintenance costs, so it makes sense to check your Exhaust system for problems as you would the rest of your vehicle. Finding an exhaust, DPF or CRT(R) problem early and having it cleaned by a reputable DPF Cleaning Company such as DPF Clean Emissions Ltd could lengthen the life of not only your Filters, but your entire vehicle.

Should you find an exhaust, DPF or CRT(R) problem please call or E-mail our DPF Cleaning team for information, advice and a quote.

We can have your DPF CRT(R) Cleaned and back with you usually within 48 hours of arriving with us.

Likewise we can clean your CRT(R) or Catalytic Converter. We offer a free inspection for your Catalytic Converter prior to undertaking the Cleaning process.

We Clean all Major DPF CRT(R)